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Here it is (finally)! Much thanks to all of our writers and artists who participated! Including Jay, who kind of became our pinch-hitter for more than one.

We hope everybody enjoyed this fest and their gifts!

gala_apples wrote The State of Leaving for a_shadow_there

crazyparakiss wrote To Loathe Another for frellen_rocks

alley_skywalker wrote Thus We Spiral Downwards for The Community

masteroftrouble drew Last Stand for gyzym

thilia wrote World Behind Our Wall for crazyparakiss

gyzym wrote Quid Pro Quo for thilia

phys_nut wrote Try Being for The Community

frellen_rocks wrote Everything You've Ever Dreamed Of for phys_nut

a_shadow_there wrote Pitseleh for gala_apples

seatbeltdrivein wrote The Darker Days of Me and Him for The Community

masteroftrouble, Li, and Timber wrote Different Kinds of Chains for scarletladyy

scarletladyy wrote Accidents Have Large Repercussions for venturous1

masteroftrouble wrote Never On Time for serpenscript

venturous1 drew The Beast Within for girlofavalon

serpenscript wrote Five Times It Rained for alley_skywalker

reikokatsura wrote and drew Mudblood for The Community

masteroftrouble wrote Azkaban for seatbeltdrivein

If there are any mistakes, let us know!
Tags: art, fic, reveals

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