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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Harry Potter Never After?
-Harry Potter Never After (HPNA) is a new Harry Potter fest community organized by fic and art exchanges.

What makes HPNA different from other communities like this?
-HPNA does not focus on happy endings. We repeat, HPNA does not focus on happy endings. If you want a story where the good guys win, then this is not your place. If you like an ending where Voldemort kills Harry, or where Draco's life goes down the drain, then this is your place. Alternatively, fic and art posted here can start off with a horrible beginning, but it must not end with something happy. If you start off with Snape's cauldron blowing up in his face, do not end it with magical repairs and a new love life.
EDIT: More explanation on this:
The fics don't require anything but an ending that isn't happy. Perhaps a better way to word that is "If you want a story where the good overcomes the evil, then this is not your place." Good meaning the silly fluffy moments (Harry gets what he wants, Ginny gets that promotion, and even Voldemort winning IF that's your main character -- it's obviously good and happy for him), and the evil obviously being the exact opposite (Harry loses what he wants, Ginny gets passed over for the promotion, and Voldemort losing the war if he's the main character [which would be kind of interesting, I have to admit]).

When does HPNA take place?
-As of now, it takes place at random times during the year. When we get more settled, we'll set up specific months where we runs prompt fests.

How can I participate?
-At the beginning of the fest, there will be a sign-up post that you'll have to fill out. Please answer everything as best you can.

Is anything off-limits?
-There will be no, under any circumstance, underage sex as per U.S. laws (age: 16 or younger). We know this community might involve rape, torture, etc. due to the nature of the fics or art, but we cannot, and will not, show anything underage here. If your art or story involves underage characters and leads you to the point where this is unavoidable (hey, stories take their own way), then please do not show us what happens. Allude to it, skip over it, but Do Not show us. We will not post your fic or art if you do.

How long do I have to finish my art or fic?
-We will post specific dates as the months go on, but a typical section will go as such: one to two weeks for sign-ups, one week for assignments, and then three months to finish.

May I have an extension please?
-Extensions are given on circumstantial basis. E-mail the mods and explain your situation. If you know you can't get your prompt done in a set number of days, let us know. Otherwise, we won't be able to post it.

Do I need to be a LiveJournal user or a member of the community to participate?
-No to both. You do not need to be a user of LJ to participate, nor do you need to be a member of this community. We encourage you to watch us (if you're an LJ user), but nothing is required. If you are not an LJ user, give us a link to any other blog you use or the pen name you're most known for.

MWPP? EWE? AU?! What does it all mean?!
-Okay, okay, so we realize that not everybody knows what all of this means. After this explanation, if you have any more questions you are free to email the mods and ask. We'll do our best to answer!
Before MWPP-This is anything before MWPP takes place.
MWPP-Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs. Anything dealing with these guys in school (or before James and Lily are killed) falls into this.
Trio-Really easy, anything dealing with Harry, Ron, and Hermione in school.
Epilogue-This follows what happens in the Epilogue of the series. It doesn't have to take place during or after (it can take place before), but everything in your story must either lead up to this, or have this already happen.
EWE-Epilogue, what epilogue? This follows through book 7, but without the epilogue. All the characters that died at the end of book 7 must still be dead, but nothing has to end with Harry and Ginny getting married with three kids.
AU-Alternate Universe. This could mean a number of things, mostly dealing with things that are just not possible in the HP universe (aka, if Snape is an Elf or magic doesn't exist). But, it also means smaller details, such as if Fred or Remus or Sirius were still alive to see Harry's first born child.

Pinch-hitting? What does that mean, exactly?
-When the mods are informed that someone cannot complete an assignment, they will go to the pinch-hitters to see if they would be able to complete it isntead. You are not required to participate in this (signing up to be a pinch-hitter is optional) and please he honest with your answer if we ask. Note that we will not ask you to pinch-hit something three days before it is due, but you will have an extension on your assignments.

I like unhappy endings, but can somebody have a happy ending? What's the cut-off point for what is "happy" and what is "unhappy"?
-Your main character(s), or the focus of your story, cannot have a happy ending. Any side characters or secondary characters may have the happy (or happier) ending, as long as the main character(s) do not.
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