mod_neverafter (mod_neverafter) wrote in hp_neverafter,

Happy Never After, gyzym!

Title: Last Stand
Author: ???
Recipient: gyzym
Format: Colored Pencils
Characters: James Potter Jr. (mentions of James/Roxanne), random zombies
Rating/warning(s): PG-13ish/blood, slightly awkward coloring (it wouldn't save right, damn it all), zombies
Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or any of the characters. This is only for my our entertainment.
Summary: Seven stupid people tried to spell Voldemort back. They got everybody else instead.
Author's Note: When I first heard you wouldn't be getting a gift, I went straight to your prompts and saw the quote you had. It SCREAMED to be drawn, so I brought out my art muse and started right away. I also combined two of your prompts (well, one and a half).

Tags: art, james/roxanne, oc, rated:pg13

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