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All the rules for hp_neverafter are listed here.

1. First and foremost, this is a Harry Potter Fic Exchange. Participation means that you will write (or draw) a gift and receive something in return.

2. Please do not post your fic or art elsewhere until the reveal has happened. This is a secret exchange and the only person who knows everything will be the mods. Adding to that, you cannot make your fic or art an extension to something you already have. This must be new material.

3. Your fic should be a minimum of 1000 words and all art should reflect that effort. Be reasonable -- a stick figure is not an acceptable form of art unless there's a 1000 word fic to go with it. And even then, we might frown at you.

4. Please code your entry appropriately. We will not go through and bold or italicize everything for you. [However, we will fix any mistakes normal LJ formatting does (like random line breaks).] Double spacing between your paragraphs also makes it a lot easier to read.

5. This might seem silly to add, but please complete your fic or art. Works-in-progress will not be posted or accepted.

6. When signing up, please make sure that your age can be seen in your journal. You will not receive any sexually explicit material if you are under 18. If you still request it (and are under 18), you will not be able to participate.

7. Be sure to label your fic appropriately. Something rated PG-13 should not include two characters getting down and dirty in the common room (unless by "down" you mean sad and "dirty" you mean with a mud fight). These will not be posted and whomever you were gifting for will be sad. Also, minimum age for shown sexual activities further than groping is 16.

8. Beta are your friends and it is advised that you find one. Requesting one on our betas post is acceptable, just as having your own personal one is acceptable too. If you have a lot of mistakes, your fic will not be posted and whomever you were gifting for will be sad.

9. If you find that you cannot complete your assignment for any reason, contact the mods immediately. We will find a pinch-hitter for you. We would rather you tell us than not saying anything at all. If you do not tell us, you will not be allowed to participate the next time we host a fest.

10. These rules are subject to change as seen fit by the mods. Do not find or take advantage of any loopholes within them.
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