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Harry Potter Never After

...where there are no happy endings.

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Harry Potter fic fest

Ever read a story that you know is going to end horribly, but then the author turns around and makes it a happily ever after? Do you ever want a story that leads down the path of destruction and stays on that path? Or how about a story that seems like it's headed for a happy ending, and then twists your gut around to make things painful and not-so-happy? Then this is the prompt fest for you.

Please visit our Rules and Frequently Asked Questions for more information. Feel free to ask your own questions there as well.

Current Fest:
Sign-ups being: January 1-January 7 10
Assignments: January 8-January 14
Art and Fics due by: April 14
Art and Fics posted: April 15


To contact a mod, please email [mod.never.after@gmail.com]. Two of the mods (Li and Timber) check this religiously, as they do not have an LJ.
Your other mod can also be contacted through masteroftrouble.